Serving Members since 1982
Providing prescription drug solutions since 2003

Life in Check is an American Advantage Association Membership program. The American Advantage Association has been serving the interest of its individual and organization members since 1982 and we introduced our first Life in Check prescription drug plans in 2003.


Once Upon A Time there was an Association (the American Advantage Association) that was frustrated by the high cost of most prescriptions.

They hated to see families struggling to pay for the drugs they truly needed.

“Who can afford to get sick?”
they wondered.

“Even people with insurance are getting clobbered!”
they observed.

they agreed.

So they formed a Prescription Plan of their own.

A plan that was Different.

A plan that saved Lots of money.

A plan that truly Cared about its members!

Their plan locked-in the Lowest Possible Price for every prescription.

A price members would pay their pharmacy and not a penny more.

But wait.Lowest prices? How low?

Really, REALLY low!

Lower than what insurance companies and hospitals would pay for the same drugs. And lower than Any Other Prescription Plan.

These were truly the Lowest Prices in the land!

But there was more to be done. Providing access to lowest prices wasn’t enough!

They wanted their members to be able to find cheaper alternatives to the expensive drugs their doctor prescribed.

So they created a website that made it simple to search for options.

They wanted members to know the Exact, Up-To-Date Price of each drug. So they created a web function that instantly confirms and compares prices at every pharmacy in town.

And if a member had questions or needed assistance, they wanted to make it easy to get accurate answers. So they set up phone lines that let members speak directly to experts who could help locate the best drug choices at the lowest prices.

“This is truly a better way!” said the association.

“The savings and services are truly amazing!” said the members!

“We’re totally cool with this!” said the pharmacies.

Finally, There's A Plan That Cares About Me!” said everybody who’d been looking for a plan that understands what it’s like to struggle with high drug costs.

And so Life in Check came to be the Prescription Plan that make drugs Truly Affordable For Everyone.

All for a membership fee that’s just a small fraction of what you’ll save every month on prescriptions.

Now, families everywhere are saving ‘happily ever after’ on the prescriptions they need.

We hope you’ll join them!

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